Dr RebeccaRebecca works as a Celebrant and Inspirational Speaker (have a look at Lifejoy www.lifejoy.co ) She is a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Patron of the charity Sunderland Headlight and a mentor to new Start-Up businesses. Dr Rebecca is an expert in adversity and challenge because she has lived through so much of it! She was very ill for a very long time but never lost hope that her work was waiting to be discovered. Having had between 12-40 weeks a year in bed or hospital from the age of 17-37, she learned what it was to suffer and survive. More importantly, she wanted to do more than survive, she wanted to thrive and make a contribution. Having such a depth of experience in physical illness and the wider challenges that go with it, Dr Rebecca offers a rare level of empathy and compassion for those who suffer.

For her first degree, she won the prize for Overal Academic Achievement. Adversity had helped her find ways to accelerate her effectiveness and efficiency which led to excellence. People started to notice and the University staff and her Doctors asked her to give motivating talks to their staff, students and patients. Being in front of a crowded room made Rebecca feel most alive and this started to sow the seeds of her future career. With a Distinction in her Master’s Degree, a PhD in Political Conflict Resolution and a Life-Coaching Certificate, Certificate in Ministry and Theology and a Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy, Dr Rebecca became self-employed. (By the way, if you’re wondering about the state of her health now, well, thank you, it is much better than it was but still needs wise management. Working makes her better every day!) After so many academic conferences and lectures, Rebecca learned to research a great deal of information, to collate it and then to deliver an outstanding presentation ~ all of which are crucial to composing a beautiful ceremony. What is more important is the empathy and humanity that shines out through her warm manner and kindly gestures. Her experiences both personally and professionally enable her to take care of you in an exceptional manner.

Thank you for giving us a perfect service for our Uncle. You made it extra special.” Mrs Huismeier.