Think Well, Speak Well, Live Well, Love Well

The Lifejoy Coach

Together we transform your burnout into balance, your invisible loads into superpowers and create joyous self-worth.

🧡 With your Lifejoy coping strategies, we build your resilience, courage and joy!

☀️ We reclaim your life’s joys so you can think well, live well and love well.

🌻 Most importantly, count your blessings and be the blessing.

What is Lifejoy and how can I help?

 Hello my friend! I’m Dr Rebecca, the Lifejoy Coach and Author of Inspiring Ivy and the Lifejoy books.

I am so pleased that we’ve found each other because I’m here to help you.

Through my books, 1-2-1 coaching and inspiring workshops, I want to give you a safe space for your mind and soul and give you the tools to have the most joyous life.

Lifejoy stands for Love, Integrity, Fortitude, Energy, Joy, Organisation and You! These are the foundations of life I want you to embody, and together we can get you there! 🌻


See what people are saying


“I challenge anyone to spend time with Dr Rebecca and not feel better, lighter and more joyous for it. I wholeheartedly recommend her books and if you have the opportunity to attend any form of workshop or seminar, please take part. Your soul will thank you for it.”

K Forte

Calm Wisdom

“Rebecca’s coaching sessions and courses are full of calm wisdom and encouragement. She is an excellent coach and instils great confidence no matter what the challenge.”

V Borrowdale

Inspirational Speaker

“Dr Rebecca is an inspirational speaker who engages her audience, wraps them with love and light, providing hope and reassurance that lifts the spirit. She shares her life skills to uplift and empower each individual.”

J Elliot


“This book was amazing and I will keep going back to it. Wonderful words of wisdom. Perfect in every way and I look forward to reading more in the future.”

S Taylor

Beautiful Books

Lifejoy books inspire your heart and reassure your mind. They are full of hope and happiness strategies. My latest book, Inspiring Ivy is about my glorious Granny and it will fill your soul with joyous courage and amazing adventures.

1-2-1 Coaching

Are you a bit sad and stuck and would like to create more contentment and joy in your life? Then I can help. Together we will reclaim your life’s joy and fill it with courage, goodness and hope!

Inspiring workshops

Lifejoy comes in all forms and artistic expression is one of those forms. Join me as I teach you the joy of mastering public speaking and writing the wonderful book that is inside of you bursting to come out!

In The Media

Sunderland Echo

Dr Rebecca Article in Sunderland Echo re Ivy Book

Podcast with Inspiration North

Interview with High Life North

Dr Rebecca Article in Sunderland Echo re Ivy Book

Gilly North – Radio Newcastle

Dr Rebecca is available for interview, please get in touch here if you’d like her contribution

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