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Look at my joyous clients!

Would you like to feel as hopeful and happy!

They were overwhelmed, exhausted and a bit burnt-out.

See what my Lifejoy 1-2-1 coaching did for them!

 Clients keep telling me that they have transformed their well-being, relationships and working lives. I’ve been very privileged to coach and counsel many brave and capable souls. As a patron of the mental health charity, Headlight, I have learned a great deal about mental health and physical illness. We all seem to be trying to find ways to manage our energy and our lives. 

Are you desperate for some balance and joy in your life? I am here to help you because I understand what it is like to look fine on the outside but be desperate on the inside. My 1-2-1 coaching gives you both a safe harbour and springboard for growth.

Together, we turn your burnout into balance, build sustainable coping strategies and strong self-worth. We reclaim your life’s joys so you can think well, live well and love well.

All of my empathy, experience and education are waiting for you. After our session, you might even do a little dance of joy!

Get in touch for your free half an hour of coaching. 

What is Lifejoy?

Lifejoy coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential. We just need to find your Lifejoy keys! I developed the ideals of Lifejoy after enduring some of the longest and most difficult challenges. It helped me cope and has helped many others shine ever brighter.

Lifejoy stands for LOVE, INTEGRITY, FORTITUDE, ENERGY, JOY, ORDER and YOU. We work on those elements in your life to build your own Lifejoy toolkit. With those mighty resources you can restore some balance, peace and hope in your days; you are full of life and joy and can cope beautifully once more. Lifejoy coaching is designed to build confidence from within to make a positive difference in your life.





  • You are no longer living in a loan-shark land of exhaustion and despair.

  • You leave behind your inner critical dialogue!

  • You will learn how to have kind and wise boundaries.

  • You have richer relationships because you’re not worn out all the time!

  • You have more balance in your life with values that fit you.

  • You shine ever brighter and will see your own magnificence!

*Fully funded options may be available for those eligible

    See what people are saying


    “Dr Rebecca is the ultimate professional – always displaying positivity, caring and excellent levels of knowledge. Her passion for what she does shines through in her everyday interactions. She has had to overcome so much in her life but that has never stopped her drive and determination in making this world a better place in which to live. In face she has used those situations to make her a stronger, more knowledgeable and engaging person. I now consider Dr Rebecca a friend as well as colleague and would highly recommend her services whether they be as an author, speaker, trainer or coach. With Dr Rebecca on your side you’re bound to succeed in whatever mission you have.”



    “It is a privilege to be able to work with Rebecca! Her coaching sessions are full of compassion, patience and wisdom. I can whole-heartedly recommend taking coaching sessions with Rebecca for anyone looking to find a better balance in their work and personal lives, needing to upskill their personal toolset to deal with new challenges and anyone who is looking to ‘get out of their own way’. Rebecca’s approach blends curiosity, exploration, understanding, kind guidance and a little bit of homework to help create strategies, problem solve and achieve your goals. I especially feel that freelancers, self employed and anyone running their own business would benefit from sessions with Rebecca. She really helps to create clarity and calm amidst all the ‘different hat wearing’ and ‘plate spinning’ and she has most certainly helped me manage my own business so much more smoothly.”



    “Just wanted to pop in and tell you all about the wonderous Rebecca Williams Dinsdale. Had a call with her this morning and I’m having a wobbly week but immediately I smiled because she is so warming and welcoming and loving. I came feeling hopeless and despondent and left feeling powerful and full of hope. I don’t know how she does it but she is incredible.

    Really recommend coaching with Rebecca, she gives a whole new perspective on everything and there were SO many lightbulb moments. I adore her!

    Thank you so so so much Bec!! Xxx”



    “Wow, in a few short minutes  Rebecca had understood me completely! In the rest of our meeting she offered insightful advice, that was delivered honestly with love. She opened my eyes to where I needed to shift my thinking to make space for what I want to achieve. Thanks so much.”



    “Dr Rebecca’s coaching has been life-changing. I am blown away at how her gentle, kind and generous self has so humbly brought me to a better place. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to gain so many invaluable tools from her.


    From My Tutor

    “Student work very much exceeds the threshold standard. It displays consistency throughout, deep and extensive knowledge in analysis, evaluation and problem solving. Very high ability in professional practical skills.”

    Dr N.Jenner from the Institute of Counselling

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