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My books help you regain your life’s joy! Readers call themselves THE LIFEJOYERS and are dedicated to their families, communities and work to make our world a better place. They say that my books calm their hearts, comfort their souls and invigorate their minds. My latest book is Lifejoy Journal which is an adventure to hope, happiness and harmony. 

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your lifejoy year 2

Your Lifejoy Year 2

If you liked the first Lifejoy Year book then you will love this one!
There is a reading for each day of the year and each month has its own topic such as trust, contentment, truth, dignity, unity, determination, adventure, fortitude, diligence, honourability, care and wonder.

This is a book for your soul. It will enrich your mind and reassure your heart. It will help you see your own worth, inspire your creativity and courage with a few smiles along the way.

It is a gift for your friends and family with hope for those who are lost, sad or struggling. It’s always a good day to ignite your Lifejoy!

Lifejoy Journal

Lifejoy Journal

We are living in demanding times and we all need more wisdom, courage and joy.
My Lifejoy Journal will help you. It is the most colourful Lifejoy book yet! It is a gift for your heart, mind and soul. As ever, it is to help you find more joy… this book is an adventure to help you find hope, harmony and happiness.

​Your Lifejoy Year ~ An Enriching Thought for Every Day.

If you are feeling lost or lonely then this is the book for you. A little bit of Lifejoy magic every day will help make you feel calmer, kinder and more in control. This is so much more than a thought for every day, it a way to combat pressure, low self-worth and too many busy hours. Give yourself the gift of true self-care with this lovely book. It is the perfect gift for the start of the year or for someone who is dealing with ongoing difficulties. Many of our readers have bought it for their mothers, sisters and best friends.

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​Inspiring Ivy ~ Courage and Care in China and Beyond.

Do you need a friend who will inspire your soul? Then meet my magnificent Grandmother! She deserved a book because she was magnificent in her love, courage and care. Her story is an adventure that overcame great poverty, addiction and inequality She had to share her shoes with her sisters, had one coat between then and an alcoholic father. She survived two world wars, the great depression, the 1918 global pandemic, several miscarriages and a ton of illness. She was remarkable whilst being the quietest woman in the world! Whatever is happening in your life, there are words of Ivy wisdom, wit and warmth to help you through.

Collage for Ivy Book Sales with Dr Rebecca Williams DInsdale
Collage for Ivy Book Sales with Dr Rebecca Williams DInsdale

Lifejoy ~ Your Manual for Resilient Living.

If your life feels like a whirlwind and you’re just at the mercy of your circumstances then this is the book for you. It will take you through your life and look at every aspect. From it, you will find ways to deeper contentment, joyous wisdom and courageous love. It will bring out the best in you and enrich your relationships. My inspirational books for women offer a perfect gift for anyone who is struggling and needs wise and practical help.

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“This book will pick you up, give you a joyous shake and make you into a better listener, carer and feel good about what you have achieved and realise what more you can do. Read it at least twice. Beautiful.” 

Lindy Lou (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“Dr Dinsdale is a warm and loving lady and this shines through in ‘Lifejoy’.  There are 100 brief sections – easy to read and understand to aid your life in so many situations. Gentle support to pick up and browse through when you are not feeling your best. Encouragement to do your best and be your best – and find joy in doing so.  There are also pages for you to complete with your thoughts and experiences in order to further develop.   A book suitable for all – to inspire you to believe in yourself and to help you be successful – and joyful – in all you do. And to be a joy to others too.” 

Lizzie (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“From beginning to end I could not put this book down!  This book was amazing and I will keep going back to it. Wonderful words of wisdom. Perfect in every way and I look forward to reading more in the future!” 

Sara (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“A perfect life manual everyone should own.   Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale has written a fantastic reference to life which you read in its entirety but keep finding yourself referring to for inspiration and guidance. It has pages and pages of hope, inspiration. Wonderful passages that are full of love, advice and uplifting verse.    I would recommend a copy in every home. It also makes a wonderful gift. “

Amazon Customer (5.0 out of 5 stars)

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