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Frequently Asked

What is a Celebrant?

The word Celebrant comes from the Latin, celebrare, the verb meaning to celebrate. A Celebrant is a highly trained and educated professional who conducts the service to celebrate and commemorate your loved one.

We would like to go to a Church. Can you still speak or take the service?

I have taken services in many Churches from all denominations. On other occasions I have written and delivered the eulogy and tribute whilst another Minister has led the service. I am happy to work with others to take the best care of those in need.

How do we book you for a funeral service?

You can ring me directly or ask the Funeral Director to contact me. It is important to make sure that you ask the Funeral Director to speak to me before booking a service to make sure that  I will be available.

Can we plan a funeral in advance?

I have planned and written many funeral services before they are needed. It is very wise to make plans when we are well and still organising our own affairs. Several people have known that they have a life-limiting illness and I have gone to see them and planned everything. This has provided a great deal of reassurance to my clients and their loved ones.

What would be the structure and content of the service?

The structure and content of the service is entirely based upon your wishes alongside those of your family and friends. I will compose a unique ceremony according to those needs. Usually a service lasts from twenty minutes to an hour. I can accommodate all kinds of requests for the content of my services. If there are any particular poems, readings, hymns or compositions then please let me know and I will be pleased to include them. I am very experienced in composing a service that flows beautifully and will guide you through the process to make everything as comfortable and dignified as possible for you.  I have a lovely selection of readings to use as helpful suggestions.

May we participate in our service?

It is always lovely if someone would like to take part in the service. It is helpful if I have a copy of the piece in advance enabling me to step in at the last moment if that becomes necessary. If nobody wishes to do this then I can easily lead the service throughout.


May we choose the music?

It is always a sacred task to choose the music for the service. There are amazing technologies available to us which make it much easier to find rare tracks. Some venues will take CD’s but it is important to make sure that they will work in a variety of players first so that everything goes well on the day of your service. If you are unsure then please just ask me as I have wealth of lovely suggestions.

May we have a collection for charity?

It is always a very positive act to have a collection box after the service.  Many people like to make a donation and feel that they are supporting a cause that is close to the heart of the family. Your Funeral Director will sort this out and I am happy to announce the collection at the start of the service.

What about an Order of Service card?

I am happy to write the Order of Service card for you and then usually, your Funeral Director will produce it for you. It is possible for you to produce if you can manage the printing.  It is a nice thing for people to treasure after the service and it is also helpful if there are any hymns or psalms in the service. If you do not feel an Order of Service card is right for your ceremony then we can use the prayer books that are already in the Chapel.

Can I organise a pre-planned funeral service for myself?

I am already named on several people’s funeral plans as the person they would like to take their services. Many individuals have asked me to compose their future services whilst they are still alive. This has been rewarding work as it allows everyone to participate whilst everyone is happy and well. Please feel free to call me if you would like to ask any questions.

Is there anything to do before we have our meeting?

The meetings are an important part of the process and something to be cherished by all of those involved. Sometimes it is helpful to think about the words that describe best your relationship and then we can build a service around those values. If it is for a funeral, it is helpful to think about the best things about your loved one, their character and personality and what they might have liked to be said about them. If the person arranging the service lives a very long way away, there can be other ways of communicating, don’t worry,  I will always find a way to solve such problems.

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