Festival of Lifejoy

Starts 1st November 2020


It’s good to give! Please savour your Lifejoy giveaways and tell your friends!
We have an inspiring e-Book to help you cherish the wealth of your life;
book marks and colour-in sheets to calm our souls and invigorate our minds.

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Your Wealth of Normality

Give yourself half an hour to refill your soul.
It will be a gift to yourself and those you love.
Grab a cup of something lovely, settle into a quiet corner and enjoy it.
You might like to have your favourite pen with you to write down your treasures.
This is the start of your Lifejoy adventure because it helps us realise our blessings in life so that we can offer more of them to our world.
Tell your precious people and take care of them by getting them to download it too.



We seek joy, hope and love in every aspect of our lives.
We appreciate contentment, creativity, courage and the tiny treasures of life.
We work together to value grace, health and unity.
We look to contribute and care.

First session is free! No demanding homework ~ only happy help!

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