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This is a selection of my entertaining and uplifting talks.

Please choose whatever suits your organisation best.
I can also sculpt a bespoke talk that fits your needs.

Lockdown Lifejoy ~ How to cope with great restriction and still flourish.”
Ignite Your Lifejoy ~ How to cherish your heart, mind and soul.”
Your Self-Confidence ~ How to be sustainably sincere and shine socially.”
Lifejoy ~ How to be Marvellously Motivated, Happy and Hopeful.”
Resurgam ~ How to Survive and Thrive through Adversity.”
SuperResilience ~ A Hundred Life Lessons from a Thousand Funerals.”
Inspirational Ivy ~ My Gran, the Medical Missionary in Manchuria!”
There’s a Book in Us All ~ How to Write Yours.”
How to have a Fantastic Funeral.”
“Scaffolding for your business soul.”

Would you like an inspirational and motivational speaker who can engage your people?
Do you need a trainer who can leave your room joyous?
Would you like to hear from someone who has an extraordinary story to share?
Do you need a speaker who offers great wisdom to help your people?

Then read the list of talks available or we can craft a bespoke session that suits your needs. Read the lovely reviews below from those who have heard and seen the LifejoyTM talks. Look at all the happy faces in the photographs!

Dr Rebecca came and spoke for us during one of our Duenna’s women events and wow!

She had the whole room inspired and really connected. Everyone gave incredible feedback based on Dr Rebecca’s beautiful talk.

Everyone went away feeling a sense of hope, love and over all joy! Her personality and way with words was just beautiful we can’t thank her enough!

We can’t wait to have Dr Rebecca back in November inspiring even more ladies.

Duenna's women event

“I attended a seminar that Dr Rebecca delivered via Mint Business Club to create Scaffolding for your Business Soul. What a fabulous hour! I’ve read one of Dr Rebecca’s books, Lifejoy and having had several conversations with her, I knew this would be an insightful, thought-provoking, enlightening and warming event.

Dr Rebecca has a way with words but with the delivery of them. I challenge anyone to spend time with Dr Rebecca and not feel better, lighter and more joyous for it. I wholeheartedly recommend her books and if you have the opportunity to attend any form of workshop or seminar please take part. Your soul will thank you for it.”

K Forte

“Dr Rebecca is an inspirational speaker who engages her audience, wraps them in light and love, providing hope and reassurance and uplifts the spirit.  In my role working with people of all ages living with ME I have enjoyed participating in a number of her talks and workshops, from small groups to large gatherings, she has the ability to reach out with her engaging warmth, sharing her life skills to uplift and empower each individual.”

Jennifer - ME North East

“Rebecca is a wonderful Patron of Sunderland Headlight. She has undertaken a number of motivational speeches for us at events. They are engaging, joyful, and she connects so well with those she speaks to. I have also had the pleasure of attending her public lectures. If you get the opportunity to attend them, I would recommend seizing the chance. They are uplifting and give you food for thought. Rebecca is a kind, thoughtful, down to earth, intelligent lady who is very much appreciated.”

A. Bailey.

“I have been fortunate enough to hear Rebecca speak on a couple of occasions one of which was the launch of her book Lifejoy, a Manual for Resilient Living at the Lit and Phil in Newcastle upon Tyne where this lovely lady spoke with great warmth and humour carrying her audience with her on a wave of laughter and enthusiasm.  It’s rare to find a speaker with the wonderful ability to make you feel so uplifted and full of hope, Rebecca has that gift.”

M. Proud.

“I would certainly recommend Lifejoy, it was brilliant and a joy to listen to. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you very much.”

H Lazonby

“Rebecca talked about her amazing Grandmother. This was the first time we have had a speaker since the start of the Covid epidemic and we were not sure how a video conference meeting would go but it was a great success. The talk was very uplifting and thoroughly entertaining as Rebecca totally engaged with the audience. Her grandmother was a remarkable lady with great strength and determination and led a very eventful life helping others in need of her medical expertise. As Rebecca described her Grandmother, it was very obvious there was a close connection between the two and they both shared a common drive to improve the lives of others. A thoroughly enjoyable talk and we can’t wait to have Rebecca back to hear more.”

Gary Blenkinsop from Aycliffe Rotary Club

“I have seen and heard Rebecca in action many times and I have never been disappointed! With her thoughtful and unique use of words and very enthusiastic delivery she is always extremely uplifting! I have attended several of Rebecca’s services, a book launch and a workshop. Rebecca is an outstanding individual, able to talk with kindness to people of all ages!”

Alicia Ward-Yarrow

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