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 Hello my friend!

Welcome to book launch time!  

We are living in demanding times and we all need 

more wisdom, courage and joy. 

My Lifejoy Journal will help you.

It is the most colourful Lifejoy book yet!

It is a gift for your heart, mind and soul. 

Watch the video and let’s get started!

What’s it all about?  

Lifejoy Journal is new member of our Lifejoy family of books. 

As ever, it is to help you find more joy… and there’s more!

This book is an adventure to help you find hope, harmony and happiness. 

There are even more tools and strategies to help you know yourself more deeply. 

With specific spaces for you to fill in with your thoughts, intentions and goals!

Here to help you transform the burnt-out areas of your life into a joyously balanced life.

If you’re sad, stuck or suffering then this is the first step to taking care of you.

If you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and ready to reclaim you ~ then this is your book! 

But that’s not all! 

  More joy, more hope and more you!


I have a beautiful notebook for you for free!


My 1-2-1 clients and workshop pals have loved them…now you can too.

So much hard work

 “Your post arrived! What a lovely surprise therein! The result of so much hard work, thought and contemplation. I have been looking for something to read each day ~ so Becca’s remarkable book fits the bill perfectly!” 


A Really Joyous Read

 “You have gripped my attention from the beginning to the end and it has been a really happy joyous read when times are difficult.”


Lovely Positivity

 Good evening Dr Rebecca.

I am loving your book before

I got to bed. It leaves

me with lovely positive

thoughts before I sleep.

Thank you. 


Beautiful Books

Lifejoy books inspire your heart and reassure your mind. They are full of hope and happiness strategies. My latest book, Inspiring Ivy is about my glorious Granny and it will fill your soul with joyous courage and amazing adventures.

1-2-1 Coaching

Are you a bit sad and stuck and would like to create more contentment and joy in your life? Then I can help. Together we will reclaim your life’s joy and fill it with courage, goodness and hope!

Inspiring workshops

Lifejoy comes in all forms and artistic expression is one of those forms. Join me as I teach you the joy of mastering public speaking and writing the wonderful book that is inside of you bursting to come out!

In The Media

Sunderland Echo

Dr Rebecca Article in Sunderland Echo re Ivy Book

Podcast with Inspiration North

Interview with High Life North

Dr Rebecca Article in Sunderland Echo re Ivy Book

Gilly North – Radio Newcastle

Dr Rebecca is available for interview, please get in touch here if you’d like her contribution

~ Joyous freebies for you ~

 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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