Why all the postboxes?

I love postboxes because, for me, they are a symbol of joy. Joy that I can walk to them! Joy that I send my books and welcome packs through them. Joy that lands on your doormat and makes you more confident, motivated and powerful in your life!

Why would I be so joyous about walking to my local postbox? Well…because for many years I was too ill to even leave my house. I know what it is to struggle and suffer and because of that deep knowledge, I can help you.

I did everything right but life went horribly wrong.

After twenty years of severe M.E. (with many months each year housebound, in bed or hospital) I struggled with a monstrous load. I had enduring burnout and was determined to regain some balance in my physical health. As a family, we have had an immense of illness to endure. Just as my health started to improve a little bit, we had to deal with the worse kind of degenerative illness and yet more chronic illness. It was another fourteen years of deep sadness and struggle. 

And yet…

Yet there were things that made me super-resilient and very resourceful. Many people asked us for help and advice, even my University asked me to give talks about how to cope when life was really tough. Through all these profound stages in my life, I discovered that health and unity mattered most and that there had to be a loving purpose from all that struggle. I’m so pleased we’ve found each other and I hope that every time you see a postbox that you will smile!

How my Lifejoy toolkit helps you.

If you’re wondering about the name LIFEJOY ~ it stands for ~ Life, Integrity, Fortitude, Energy, Joy, Organisation and You!

When we work through these ideals you become a superhero of your own coping strategies.

Let’s see how we can look after you with hope, love and joy so that you can transform your burnout  into a joyously balanced life.

Dr Rebecca Selection of Books
Dr Rebecca with her books at the local bookstore
Dr Rebecca and Christy longingly looking through the window of the bookshop
Lifejoy in the sunflower field


PhD. MA Distinction. BA(Hons) CDP Prize.
Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring.
Cert. in Life-Coaching.
Patron of Sunderland Headlight.
Diploma in Pastoral and Clinical Counselling.
Certificate in understanding mental health first aid
Certificate in mental health advocacy in the workplace

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