My story


I took my first school assembly when I was just seven years old and I knew this was my purpose in life!

I was here to write, speak and inspire … and then everything went horribly wrong.

Wrong on an epic scale ~ even though I had done nothing wrong!

A ton of illness hit me and everything changed.

After twenty years of severe chronic illness (with many months each year housebound, in bed or hospital) I struggled with a monstrous load.

My family and friends were wonderfully kind to me and I did everything I could to improve my life. This hard-won process became my LIFEJOY toolkit.

People started to notice and my University asked me to give talks about how to keep going when life is really tough.

I used my Lifejoy to become a prize-winning triple graduate and be self-employed for more than a decade.

If you’re wondering about the name LIFEJOY ~ it stands for ~ Life, Integrity, Fortitude, Energy, Joy, Organisation and You!

When we work through these ideals we become superheroes of coping strategies.

At rock bottom, I discovered that health and unity mattered most and that there had to be a loving purpose from all of that struggle.

My coaching, books and care are that loving purpose and I’m so pleased we’ve found each other.

My Lifejoy books and E-courses are to help you even more. My latest book is Inspiring Ivy.

She was my Grandmother who ran a mission hospital in China in the 1930s!

Her life was full of epic adventures, great sorrow and loving courage.

Ivy was Lifejoy!

Let’s see how we can look after you with hope, love and joy so that your light can shine ever brighter.

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In the media

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PhD. MA Distinction. BA(Hons) CDP Prize.
Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring.
Cert. in Life-Coaching.
Patron of Sunderland Headlight.

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