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     Hello and welcome. I’d love you to join me on this Lifejoy adventure because my education and experience combine in a unique way to help you. I have had a great deal of illness, earned a  doctorate, conducted a thousand loving funerals, given many lectures and written books. I have worked hard to put that experience into a loving purpose to encourage your Lifejoy.

I took my first school assembly when I was just seven years old! I was a tiny little thing and had to stand on the teacher’s big wooden chair so that two hundred children could see me. Even though my knees were knocking, I felt utterly joyous! My family were always keen on education and I loved learning but a big problem emerged when I became very unwell when I was seventeen.

I took A levels one at a time and then a part-time degree, master’s and a doctorate! All those years were dominated by so much physical illness that  I had to learn how to keep going through huge and ongoing difficulties. At the same time, the University asked me to talk their new students about how to do a post-graduate degree (I had done very well academically because I had used all my strategies to keep going!) My student audiences loved it and I loved them!

At the same time, I was taking Church services and loved them too. These experiences became my treasure and taught me to research, write and present well and leave an audience and congregation inspired. Something exciting was beginning to happen! More qualifications followed and my clients started to find me. Many have become some of my closest friends.

As a Celebrant,  I endeavoured to create loving funeral services to let a loved one shine. Having a depth of empathy that is very rare meant that I could take care of families through their hardest days when I could love and protect them. But as the pandemic hit I was no longer able to continue. It was time for another big effort of resilient effort to evolve my work.

Therefore, I came back to my first love ~ writing books and helping people to help themselves. My latest book ~ Your Lifejoy Year was written through the long weeks of lockdown. There is an on-line course to accompany it and lovely mugs, affirmation cards and candles to enhance your Lifejoy.

If you’re a bit sad, stuck or suffering then my books, courses and products can help encourage your Lifejoy. They will empower you to be more appreciative, contented and joyous. When you enrich your own life with these values, you become much more capable and able to rejoice in fulfilling your potential. Your light will shine ever brighter.

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Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies

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PhD. MA Distinction. BA(Hons) CDP Prize.
Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring.
Cert. in Life-Coaching.
Cert. in Family & Funeral Celebrancy.
Cert. in Ministry & Theology.
Cert. in End of Life Care.
Patron of Sunderland Headlight.

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