Can you recall when you first heard the word, POTENTIAL? I think I can! It was learning some physics with my Dad whilst sitting in a Cornish kitchen. He explained the difference between kinetic and potential energy. It sounded fascinating and from then on, I loved the idea of potential energy… that which was possible within us.

Sometimes life can lock away our feelings of worth and therefore we have little access to our potential. We can forget that it even exists because the day-to-day realities of coping are just enough to manage. Then there are those rare moments of inspiration when we wonder. Wondering is a powerful thing to do. It allows us to wander about in our minds and just look at possibilities. We can examine the difference between what is possible and what is probable. Here some strategies that could help you think further about your potential:


  1. Remember that you might have fulfilled a lot of your potential already! You don’t need to be achieving all the time! If you need a rest for a while, then that is perfectly wise.
  2. Potential comes in all shapes and sizes. Fulfilling hopes, goals and ambitions can be a lifelong process. It can be the smallest achievement in the later years of life that provides the greatest joy.
  3. Potential and living out all your talents and abilities often needs a lot of effort and time. Give yourself some grace and be patient in your own process of development.
  4. Sometimes we need to try things that are unfamiliar and persist in them to fulfil our potential. Learning more allows us to become more and give more. Contribution is a superpower.
  5. Many of my clients will chuckle when they read this next suggestion: make a list! List all the things that excite your soul. Think about the crafts, places to visit, courses to take, green audits of your life to enjoy… the lists could be anything that makes you feel glorious.
  6. Use the lists! Put them into an order of ease so that you can tackle the easiest ones first. When you succeed with those, you can move on to the more demanding things with confidence.
  7. Tick things off! If you want to learn something then break the stages of the goal into tiny tasks. If you want to learn a language then the first step might be to find a free app to get you started. Just ask around about which is good to use. Merci beaucoup!
  8. Think carefully about delays and doubts. Sometimes a delay can be a helpful thing to allow more research and consideration time. Sometimes it can be a negative thing because it just provides time to procrastinate and allow the roots of perfectionism to take a grip. Work out where you are on that trajectory.
  9. Often we wait until the time is right to start something. Perhaps the time is today! Don’t delay joy! You might have much more fun that you ever thought possible.
  10. Don’t take ridiculous risks. Just go gently (clients ~ can you hear me saying that?) and make steady progress. There is great satisfaction in the steady! When you get into bed at night ask yourself, have I loved well today? When you can say YES to that essential question, then your potential is really shining!

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