You might have heard me say that life is joyous, glorious and challenging ~ all at the same time. I have been very happy whilst very ill. I have seen great courage and joy within the same day. I have see the wisest people flattened when someone does something astonishingly peculiar. Life can be very bumpy and we are all faced with behaviour that is disappointing ~ so how do we deal with it?

  1. Always be aware of your own behaviour! We all make blunders in life but we need to be aware that we might have done something that disappointed someone without even realising it. Apologise quickly and with deep grace. Don’t do it again, if possible!
  • When something happens to you, try to pause and categorise the behaviour. How bad is it? Try to be as logical as possible, even though you’re feeling hurt. Is it a slip-up from a good person that doesn’t really matter or is it a devastating betrayal that will alter your life for a long time? Maybe it is somewhere in the middle?
  • Act appropriately in accordance with the placing of the category and then re-tell the incident in your own mind with as much understanding as possible. This will calm you down and diminish the incident considerably.
  • Think about your options. Think about the words and actions you are able to take. Is it wise to stay silent? Is it wise to speak up? Is it wise to plan what you are going to say? Would you accept a sincere apology? Has it gone past that point? Are you safe?
  • Keep the moral high ground. Try not to lose your rag! Defending yourself with better boundaries and the strongest logic will outwit bad behaviour in the long term.
  • Do you need to toughen up a bit? Be less naïve? Be more trusting? Be more distanced from that person? Be the bigger person? Will this matter in a year’s time?  If you can learn from all situations, keep behaving well, and not be too vulnerable to the vagaries of life, then you might just find a deeper joy, wise compassion and insight into your life.
  • Always ask yourself  ~ WHAT MUST I LEARN FROM THIS SITUATION? Learn the lesson. In time you might just be able to see it as a blessing.

I really hope that you don’t have to endure much disappointing behaviour.

 I really hope you can use these top tips to help you prevent and navigate your choices and interactions.

I really hope you are surrounded by reliable, loving and joyous souls who cherish your goodness and rarely, if ever, disappoint you!

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