Why a Lifejoy candle? You might have seen my video about the candle in the tin where my lovely Mum took her class to a museum and ended up spending the whole day in the café with a hungry little one. She took them to the gift shop and bought them things because they had been very neglected. One of the things she bought was for me…a candle in a tin. I still have it and cherish the thoughtfulness of her love.

     When I started my Lifejoy shop, I wanted each item to reflect loving care and thoughtfulness. The candle is a tribute to those values so that you can enjoy one for yourself whilst reading, praying or meditating and you might also give one to a loved one.

    To be able to reflect upon the words whilst savouring the scent is a blessing. There are two scents in this initial range, one is coconut because it is clean and sparks happy memories and lemon because it is so invigorating. Therefore, there is one for starting the day and one for later. Be a Lifejoyer.


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