How long have you spent searching for the perfect card for a loved one? I know that I have wasted so much time deliberating and still not found the perfect one! What  I needed then and still do was a card that was full of joy with loving words but enough blank space to be able to write my own words.

  Love Your Lifejoy was designed to help you give someone a little bit of inspiration and a lot of care. It helps to remind us that there is great joy in the ordinary hours of life as well and the high days and holidays. It cagoles us to cherish the people in our lives and to make memories to savour.

      You’re My Lifejoy is one of the most powerful statements we can make to a friend or family member. We are telling them that they are an essential element to our lives and the joy within them. They generate joy for you just by being themselves and we all need to hear that our very presence is magnificent to someone. Be a Lifejoyer.

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 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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