As you might have guessed by now, with me there is always a story behind a decision. That story usually involves some level of kindness and overcoming a challenge. With the glorious gifts section of our Lifejoy there are many stories. They are stories with purpose and hope. They allow you to share in the journey to joy as we give and grow together. Having a Lifejoy mug is so much more than a mug. It  allows you to savour your own joy and to express your feelings for a friend with a simple gesture and that they can see that message every time they put the kettle on. So, what’s the mug story then?

      I’ve had to be very careful about all that I eat and drink for many years. For several years I could only drink water because I was allergic to many things. Now the interesting thing about a restricted intake is that the things you can consume become exponentially important ~ as the choices you have decrease, their significance increases.

       Therefore, for me, when there was only hot or cold water to be had,  the mug or glass in which it resided, was of paramount importance. In my early twenties I became a lover of a good mug. It had to be sturdy, reliable and enrich the process ~ much like the people in our lives! I thought having Your Lifejoy mug might just enrich your day. It might just bring about a few moments of calm during some madness and let you read Your Lifejoy book in peace. It might just bring your loved one some joy and give you the privilege of seeing their face light up when they read that they are valued so deeply. Can you see why it’s so much more than a mug? Be a Lifejoyer.

~ Joyous freebies for you ~

 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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