When I was a scruffy little Geordie Tornado; Inspiring Ivy and my lovely Mummy were certain that manners mattered. There had to be a PLEASE and a THANK YOU  in every request and reply. Being able to say THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME is one of the most blessed phrases we have to offer. It is sacred because we are responding to the goodness given to us. Goodness that is often given with grace and unconditionality. Every time some good soul orders one of my books and when a client books another session, it makes my heart sing.

Ivy used to sing with me all the time. As an Edwardian, her repertoire was not expansive but she loved the following as a motto for life: “God loves a cheerful giver, give Him all you’ve got. He loves to hear you singing when you’re in an awkward spot!” The former part was compelling. It is good to give. It is good to give as generously as you can. Moreover, it was the latter part that perplexed me more. Tough spots are tough and being overly positive about them is neither wise nor realistic. However, trying to be brave through them and remain hopeful is heroic. To still be able to count your blessings in tough times is a measure of our ability to generate joy.

My work is about trying to sing from an awkward spot. It is about trying to find a tune that you can hear and hum whatever is happening in your life. When that work of loving purpose is appreciated, it makes my heart, mind and soul joyous. It kicks back against the struggle and makes me feel useful. To feel just a little bit useful in the world is a powerful thing for us all. I desire to help every reader and every coaching/counselling client to see their own use, purpose and immense worth so that their light can shine ever brighter ~ however heavy their invisible load might feel.

After much thought and empirical analysis, I have come to a set of conclusions about my readers and clients ~ they are the givers in life. If you gather a group of pleasant people together, the ones who would be my people are the most giving souls in the room and therefore need to protecting their Lifejoy. Their risk of burnout, imposter syndrome and diminishing self-worth is much greater because they are taking care of everyone around them. They are thoughtful about their words and deeds. They are mindful of their impact on the planet and how they can do their all, to make a difference. To be a part of their team makes me very proud. As I often say at the end of a coaching session ~ “You’ve done beautifully,” because they really have been beautiful in all the ways that truly matter.

Therefore, thank you for having me. Thank you for smiling, sending me such kind messages and buying the books. Thank you for telling me that you’ve loved Ivy and she has become part of your life’s joy. I knew you would love her and implore you to share her goodness as often as you can. Come with us to 2022 with hope, appreciation and a song in your soul. Let’s make a pact ~ try to say at least once a week or day ~ THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME in your life. Amen.

🌻 🌻 🌻

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