How do you feel about Bank Holidays? Do you long for them or just endure them? I’ve done both in my time and from that there are valuable lessons. Communal events tend to bring a silent pressure to be doing something impressive and joyous. The photos on social media amplify this tendency and often, overshadow our meagre efforts.

Like most things in life, our perspective on Bank Holidays evolves over time and with experience. I’ve done the entire range of emotions about them ~ been ambivalent, joyous, dreaded, detested and appreciated them.

When we have the luxury of normal life and good health they can be a blessing, a day to slow down and do happy things with happy people. We give ourselves permission to be joyous and make marvellous memories.  They are a treat that makes a working week shorter and something to savour in ordinary times.

When we have the demands of too much work and not enough time, a Bank Holiday can be a blessed relief ~ a chance to rest or at least not work for a few hours. For the self-employed it is particularly important to use these rare chances of restitution wisely.

When life is tough everyday can feel the same. The sadness does not discriminate and hop away because everyone else is on a jolly. When you’re very ill or taking care of someone who is suffering, the thought of messed up routines is dreadful. Worrying about hospital admissions and finding a pharmacy are additional concerns on top of an already heavy load. Out-of-hours medical care is another story altogether ~ don’t get me started! The only way to cope, is to prepare and manage as well as possible with the best people at your side. Just get through the hours. Pray! Feel the relief if you manage to navigate or negate a crisis.

When you’re housebound there are the odd things that Bank Holidays bring that nobody would ever tell you. The stability of the television schedules are messed about and this can be disconcerting when it is one of the anchors of the day. Try to beat the system a bit with a plan beforehand to cope with the change. Realise that imposed change, however well-intentioned has ramifications. Here are some tips that might just help…

  1. Understand that life evolves and your perceptions of Bank Holidays will change with circumstances. The next one might be your best yet!
  2. It is perfectly acceptable to feel sad, alone or frustrated when the world is partying and you’re far from it.
  3. Your time might yet come. Hold on to that reality.
  4. Sometimes difficult days are blessed with big lessons within them. Try to find some insight to enrich your soul.
  5. Just get through. Just be bored and feel the feelings. Tomorrow might just be better.
  6. Make a plan. That gives you some control over the hours.
  7. Get a job done ~ occupy your mind as much as you can.
  8. Phone someone up to cheer them. Send a card. Donate.
  9. Declutter ~ make one of your spaces better.
  10. You define your ideals of success. Leave your phone alone for the day. Be glad for others. They might just dream of swapping with you.

I hope you have happy, healthy and harmonious Bank Holidays. The word Holiday stems from that of HOLY DAYS so we send you much love whatever you’re managing. Good luck my friend.

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