Isn’t it wonderful to be happy, content, and joyous? It seems to be what we all seek from life. Having had the great privilege to listen to thousands of people tell me about their lives, there are several important similarities that will help us cherish our days.

        How content are you? Are you happy with your lot in life? There appears to be much evidence to show that contented souls lead more peaceable lives. They see their blessings with ease and take nothing for granted. Internal contentment produces a rich harvest of happiness. Even when we are in demanding circumstances, there will always be people who would swap with us. That is a powerful perspective to hold so that we are always aware that there are people struggling in ways we can hardly imagine. The heroic souls I encounter, despite great adversity, still look to contribute and care whilst never allowing themselves to be embittered. They acknowledge their sorrow and try to negate it by offering themselves in loving kindness and joyous wisdom. They live out the ideals of….this happened….it was terrible…AND YET…..   I think AND YET might just be two of the most powerful words in the world! Here is a little way to get to them ~ even though I pray you never need them.

        Five good thoughts on contented joy:

  1. Contentment provides us with a calmer outlook, enabling us to be grateful for whatever we have. It allows us to plan, work, reassess, and reap the reward of that goodness. It is a state of inner grace where outside forces and material possessions do not control our thoughts.
  2. Contentment leads to happier days. Be glad for the success of others and be inspired by it. We can define what it means to feel accomplished and that emanates from our attitudes, aims, and actions. We really do reap, that which we sow.
  3. Contentment allows us to appreciate joyous times with much greater alacrity.
  4. Contented happy joy emanates from generous living, being kind to those whom we love, those we like, and perhaps most importantly those we don’t know ~ because then we are being powerful because we are caring for sake of caring.
  5. Contented care needs sensible boundaries, wise judgements, and a proactive nature because joy generates joy.

        It would seem that the more we embrace contentment and appreciation, the more we have to celebrate in our lives. Inspiration is all around us, we only have to look for the tiny treasures of everyday life to see the miracles every moment.

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