Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make a monumental improvement to our lives. It is easy to disregard small efforts but if done consistently they can have a profound impact.

I think of them as three percent gains. I spent twenty years of severe illness trying to find the next three percent and the next…Now here is the magic ~ three percent gains compound.

As a culture we are often are seduced into thinking that the only improvements worth having are instantaneous ones. Experience, evidence and education has taught me these are rarely sustainable.

When dealing with difficult situations, unreliable health or unexpected challenges, we must look to what we can do. We must listen to experts and then do our all to help ourselves. One of the prayers I say all the time is ~ “Help me to help myself.” It is powerful because it allows the responsibility of my life to rest with me.

Please remember that you are you’re best asset. YOU!

Here are six of my best three percent gains that might help you.

1. Shoe inserts from the podiatrist.

2. A very structured day to allow for work, rest and bit of play. (I need more playtimes!)

3. A disciplined sleep routine for every night.

4. High quality nutrition and hydration every day.

5. Diary management for activities and client appointments.

6. Kind boundaries to protect my energy.

Some elements of these ideas are available to us all. We might just need to take care of ourselves a little better and that could have exponential gains. This is even more important when we lack energy.

Last week I refined those ideals even further which I will tell you about next time.

Take care and good luck with your search for your three percents.

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 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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