#138 Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale – Counting your blessings and being the blessing

Dr Rebecca talks to Inspiration North about the importance of counting your blessings and being the blessing.

They talk about:

  • Helping others to see their own goodness and capability.
  • How to keep going and be courageous in the face of challenge.
  • And what brings her the most joy in life.

And here’s a poem about her that her dad wrote!

There is a writer we know, whose books are perceptive,

Wisdom abounds, for those if receptive,

Dr Bec is her name, her mentoring renowned,

Coping and thriving, all problems she’ll confound.

So she’s your solution, whatever the task.

She’ll make your day brighter, as soon as you ask.

Dr Rebecca is a prize-winning triple graduate whose work is to encourage your Lifejoy through beautiful books, kindly coaching and tremendous talks.

Her unique combination of education, empathy and experience is used to help you to shine ever brighter.

She took her first school assembly at just seven years old and has been inspiring audiences ever since.

She has become an expert in adversity after severe chronic illness resulted in  12-40 weeks a year in bed or housebound for more than twenty years.

Her education was disrupted continually but she learned her Lifejoy strategies to build immense resilience.

The University asked her to give motivating talks to their new Post-Graduate students. When they responded so well, she knew this was her purpose.

As well as offering a range of inspiring talks, she worked as a Celebrant where she led  almost a thousand loving funeral services.

Dr Rebecca is now an author, coach and speaker with her latest book entitled: Your Lifejoy Year ~ An Enriching Thought for Every Day.


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