We all need a champion. We all need a safe harbour for our souls. We all need someone with whom to converse about the most pressing issues in our lives. Being a champion is a privileged role. Some of us are blessed to have a grandparent, partner, friend or sibling that can be that champion. However, they are champions and often love us too much! They are wrapped up in loving pride, concern and care whilst a trained coach/counsellor is a champion of champions. They are able to listen without prejudice and discern as a SKILLED HELPER.

I like being a champion for others. It offers me a loving purpose in the world and seeing my clients shine is one of the best feelings ever!

The people who have found their way to me have been burnt-out for too long. They are often carrying a lot on their shoulders and need some strategies to keep going. They need someone who is an expert in burnout and getting out of its grips. They need someone who can just see straight through their fog and crammed out lives ~ the ability to see what truly matters and help them navigate their way back to their true selves.

When I was a little girl, we went swimming a lot. Often three times a week and on a Wednesday night there was a special treat ~ a trip to a new pool! Why? Because my lovely Mummy would be on a course and Dad and little Becca would find somewhere to swim whilst she studied. It usually involved a slide or wave machine in a leisure centre place. These were magical moments of childhood. Then we would go and pick up Mummy Marion who would leave a teacher’s centre with a new big file and even bigger school bag. She was surrounded by kindly looking women who chattered a great deal!

Now here is the magical part ~ I was sad that she wasn’t coming on our adventure even though she would never have ventured on a water slide, I was very proud of her endeavours. She was on courses for children who needed a different kind of teaching. Some needed help with their reading or co-ordination or attention.

She was always going on a Wednesday night course and coming out elated. She was always reading, learning and doing prep for her bairns!

Now we have come full circle because in those days we didn’t have as much understanding as we have now. Those children are now in my care and their adulthood allows for their immense gifts to shine vibrantly. Neuro-diverse women are such a gift to our world. Those clever and kind brains need our admiration and appreciation. They are champions!

That’s why my brave and brilliant clients with dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia and anxiety are my treasures. They connect me back to those Wednesday nights of loving care and pride. The times may change but the love is eternal.  

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