Hello! I’m Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale and my purpose is to Encourage Your Lifejoy through my beautiful books, inspiring courses and glorious gifts. If you’re a bit sad or stuck then I can help you to help yourself be more contented, more capable and therefore more joyous. We have a vibrant facebook group called Lifejoy Learning with Dr Rebecca with nearly 300 welcoming souls waiting to be your pal! Come and be a Lifejoyer!

Laura Forsyth has kindly asked me to be a guest blogger and I hope the following helps. I have years of expertise of joyous resilience after decades of enduring immense physical illness. Every day and every decision for the last 29 years has been influenced by health  ~ or the lack of it! I had not heard the term ~Overwhelm ~ until I met Laura and learned so much from her expertise. I may not have heard about it but I have certainly lived it and seen many of my clients feel its affects. Here’s a bit about me to help you know that I understand how you feel!

I was fit and well until the age of 17 and then had glandular fever which descended overnight into severe M.E. Every physical system in my body went crackers and I was very ill for a very long time. It meant that I endured 12-40 weeks a year in bed, housebound or hospital for more than two decades. It ruined every plan but I would not allow it to ruin my mind or soul. I was fortunate to have excellent parents and loving friends.

I had so little energy that I managed A levels one at time on two hours a week of school and then a part time degree at one sixth time! I was the slowest of the slow but my strategies to cope started to pay off. The University noticed my efforts and asked me to give motivating talks to their students. This was a great blessing and I knew I had found my vocation. There had to be a loving purpose from all of those challenging years. After a first degree, followed by a masters and doctorate I set about being self-employed a decade ago and have loved it all. My health still needs very careful management and I have appreciated the immense support of my joyous husband and pals.

My first book, “Lifejoy  ~Your Manual for Resilient Living” has been followed by the second, “Your Lifejoy Year ~An Enriching Thought for Every Day.” There are online courses to accompany each book and regularly, I give keynote speeches and training sessions. To see people’s faces light up when they realise their blessings and talents is a great gift. Let me help you with four Lifejoy tools to empower you through your challenges.

Firstly, almost always, there is something we can do to make life a little bit better. We must become experts in making lists and then experts at enacting them. Think for a few moments about what you need to tackle first and then do the easiest thing on that list. Feel the joy from it.

Secondly, realise that you’re very fortunate ~ whatever your circumstances. I worked for a decade as Celebrant and took almost a thousand loving funeral services. What that teaches you is that there are always people who would trade places with you ~ always.

Thirdly, count your blessings. Make a list of a hundred. Do it now! If you can’t get to a hundred then do fifty. Be the blessing. The best way out of overwhelming situations is to learn from them and then give. Look to contribute in a sustained and generous manner.

Fourthly, when you’re most challenged by feeling overwhelmed, remember that you’re doing very well in comparison with millions of people on our planet. Overwhelming situations are a privilege and one that we must recognise as a backwards blessing…something we can do something about.

Finally ~ If you’re really in a ton of trouble then ask for help from as many places as possible and accept it with good grace. In future you’ll be able to offer it back from a position of strength and wisdom.   Good luck my friends.

Dr Rebecca’s runs monthly zoom sessions to hold her Lifejoy community together and everyone is welcome. To keep up to date with events join the email list on www.drrebecca.org.uk and the joyous Facebook ~ Lifejoy Learning with Dr Rebecca has almost 300 happy souls waiting to welcome you. Come and be a Lifejoyer.


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