Hello my friend!

Isn’t this just a beautiful photo from Ivy’s time in China?

Two little friends holding on to each other. They need a

day of friendship dedicated to them! Let’s give them one!

Shall we call tomorrow FRIENDSHIP DAY?

How do you feel about Valentines? How do you cope with it?

             It seems the answer very much depends on whom you ask.

Throughout our lives we might have had an evolving relationship

with both the concept and consequences of Valentines ~

much like that of Santa, Bank Holidays and Mothering Sunday.

As we grow, so do the connotations and expectations.

Perhaps the wisest answer would be to make some kind of

peace with it whatever our circumstances. Then our circumstances

do not define us, we define them…at least as much as it is possible

to do.

            For many, it is a day to be endured with a resigned

humiliation and loneliness ~a familiar experience of missing out

and the rest of the world being all happiness and hope. For those

receiving unwanted attention, it is particularly demanding as

everything is turned upside down in the perpetual quest for just

a bit of peace. For those enduring grief or betrayal, it is very tough.

Please let us remember those souls, when we walk past the cards

and the gifts.

            Smugness is not a pleasant word ~ so let not an inch of it

touch you ~ if you are blessed with a beloved then appreciate

quietly. Keep your souls connected in whatever manner is

befitting and don’t let commercialism dictate your desires.

Know that a bit of commercialism is helping keep someone be


            Like all things in life, the more measured our decisions, the

better the outcome. Indeed, to live well we need to love well.

We need to count our blessings and be the blessing. We create

our own successes, just us, no one else. If there is just a bit

of magic in your day, rejoice with gusto.

            Perhaps one of the most helpful things I have ever read

suggested that we rename Valentine’s Day  ~ Friendship Day and

to cherish every soul who is our good friend. That would be a

win-win for everyone and I rather like the sound of that

so…Happy Friendship Day my precious pals.

With great love, Rebecca.

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