How are you with resolutions? Love them? Like them? Feel like a failure with them? Wherever you are within that trajectory, there will be someone looking at your life and efforts with admiration! It is easy to overlook that kind of perspective when we are confronted with a thousand self-induced criticisms and a world full of apparent success stories. And yet….I would like you to really let the following statements seep into your soul:




I hope you feel reassured! I think that might just be part of the purpose of these blogs ~ to quietly reassure and inspire…. I hope. The interesting thing that I have learned from my valiant coaching and counselling clients is that they never need to be motivated or held accountable. They need more rest and joy! With loving support and wise encouragement they shine ever brighter in our world. I am resolute about that kind of care whether it arrives in words, deeds or even a Lifejoy or Ivy book! Encouraging compassion, contribution and care is powerful.

Maybe we can look at the ideal of resolutions with a kinder heart. Maybe we can start not only to count our blessings but be the blessing. Maybe we can realise that contentment is a superpower. Perhaps we can have the smallest goal possible and attain it with good grace and a bit of glee. Perhaps we can just reduce our exposure to something that isn’t good for us. Perhaps we can cherish our health and unity more. In a world full of maybe and perhaps, we might just find a bit of peace and hope. Oh…and if you can run a race, lose a stone, learn a language, build a house or find great love, then hurrah! Hurrah for whatever and wherever you might be. We have a little hurrah to share with you. We have a hurrah that has been years in the hoping and planning….and the exhaustion generated has taken years off us! Please meet our little Christy and pray for her to sleep at night! May 2022 be your best year yet. Amen.

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