Well, my friends! I have news! Little Christy’s behaviour has not been what any of the books or videos said about having a puppy! It has felt like an episode of Fawlty Towers most of the time and everyone has so such knowledge about what we ought to be doing. We have listened intently and been very diligent. Thank you!

      Perhaps the most helpful thing anyone has said about having a puppy applies to our wider lives too. Every time someone has smiled and said, “How lovely. This is very hard work, you’re doing well and it gets better. In fact it is utterly joyous!” has reassured us immeasurably.

       We have tried to rehome or rescue a dog for at least a year but to no avail. We got very close in the autumn but nothing seemed to work out.  

I’ve been cautious about vision boards (where you stick images of your ideal life on a board) in the past because it felt safer and wiser to build an appreciation board (where you stick images of the blessing of your current life). But I must share a secret, I had an image of a puppy on my appreciation board! An ideal, perfect, adorable little thing who would bring joy to everyone they meet.

      Guess what…she is! Absolutely lovely to everyone she meets! And then there is the reality of homelife with us! I have to admit that if I were a puppy then I would adore Kev more than me! Why? Because big new things in life often bring out the extremes in us. We learn more about ourselves and our thinking patterns than on normal days.

      That’s why I am always helping my coaching and counselling clients with analysing their thinking. To THINK WISELY is a superpower. To be able to assess, plan, act and reassess is an important process for building a calm and contented life. The more we think well, the more we can live well.

      When we are navigating life with an invisible load (like dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety or chronic illness) we need superpowered brains. There is simply more to manage in our minds and lives. We might look like we are doing well on the outside but on the inside, you could be very exhausted. You might have spent decades finding exhausting coping strategies to mask it all but now is the time to find the ones that truly serve you and others in a sustainable manner.

      Ironically, it is the ability to think well, that makes the most of our physical energy whilst taking care of our mental and emotional health. If you’ve struggled (or know someone who has been brave and exhausted) and need some help, then just send me a little message and we might just be able to do big things together.

If you’re self-employed then we might be able to access some funding for you which would mean you don’t have to pay! Now that is quite a New Year blessing.

This is just one of my client’s thoughts: ~

“Dr Rebecca’s coaching has been life-changing. I am blown away at how her gentle, kind and generous self has so humbly brought me to a better place. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to gain so many invaluable tools from her.” F.F

I had planned to write more but somehow our little Christy decided to wreck the kitchen, so she needs attention. I think she would have more fun with Mr Din as he is all about the fun times whereas I am all about the rules! Somewhere we are finding our balance together as a little trio!

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 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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