Discovering the Concept of a Life Coach

I saw the concept of a Life-Coach after being bed and house bound. Insightful telly provided a great source of hope to me when severe compromise affected my ability to read, study, or perform the most basic functions of normal life. Watching Oprah on a daily basis helped me to learn, grow and stay sane. She had experts about life, faith and courage appear on her show and then they would promote their book at the end of it. I read many of those books and I joyously found many of those books helpful.

Inspiration from a Life Coach

The first Life Coach I saw was a woman in a dark red trouser suit and long blond hair standing in front of the audience talking about taking control of your life ~ it was very inspiring. But can you do that if your life is very small? The more I thought about it ~ My physical functioning seemed small, but in reality, my mind, heart, and soul remained large. I had to work on those aspects of my character whilst I was forced into downtime.

I’ve always been good worker! So, I set about learning as much as I could about how to cope with enduring difficulty where every day was full of challenges and disappointment. I realised that I had to work on my thinking first which my only area of control. What I thought, how I thought and what I did with those thoughts was a mighty power when my body was fragile.

The Power of Thoughts and Mindset

One of the things I talk to my clients about is HOW THEY THINK! HOW THEY TALK TO THEMSELVES AND OTHERS. I have yet to meet a client who isn’t harsher to themselves than they should be. They are kind to others and not to themselves! They often play out the worst-case scenarios in their heads and panic first before they remember their own abilities. That’s why a Life Coach is helpful because a skilled and qualified one will address that issue early on.

The Impact of Wise Thinking

When we think wisely, we choose wisely and then we speak wisely and live wisely. When those abilities are combined we have the blessing of enriched relationships and we can love wisely. That’s the kind of Life Coaching I offer. With a quiet blend of counselling interspersed, there is enough support to tackle issues from the past, examine present challenges and make manageable plans for the future. My sessions are often full of laughter and hope, there is space for tears and truth and the pace is always set by the client.

Often, good people bravely endure for too long and just need a safe harbour to rest and repair. When they accomplish that, they can sail out again with renewed vigour and joyous hope. Life Coaching can have big transformations but often it is the transformation within that really matters. When the inner work is done then the outer world can flourish. A good Coach gently and safely cares by allowing enough time and grace around that process. Taking charge of your life might just start when normal life has been halted for a while because of illness or circumstances. That is the very time to take time to take care of yourself. Downtime can be harnessed for good purposes.

Embracing the Wisdom of Influential Figures

I still love Oprah and the people she discovers for us. I have found their wisdom invaluable, so I suggest you look at her videos and listen to Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. They are powerhouses of goodness.

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