In the last blog, I mentioned about finding three percent gains and how valuable that quest can be for your physical, mental and emotional health. 

Perhaps what is equally important is to think about our three percent gives!

When I was little girl, my Granny Ivy used to sing with me. We sang all the time and my little Mummy played the piano. Ivy particularly loved the song~ God loves a cheerful giver, give Him all you’ve got, He loves to hear you singing when you’re in awkward spot!”

Even then, those words were seminal for my little soul: they continue to be so. Being a cheerful giver is essential to living well, to coping with the good times and the less good times. 

One of the things that a lot of us struggle with is issues of guilt and worry about the past. One of the questions I often ask my clients is ~ Have you done your all? If you have given your all there is very little to worry about. If you know you could have done more, learn the lesson and stop torturing yourself! 

When you’ve done and given your all, there is an unexpected outcome ~ you have peace. 

Of course, there are instances when we can over-give or wear ourselves out ~ both of which we need to be aware but when we assess our lives, a bit of over-giving might just be better than under-giving! 

I hope you click the link to give your soul a little MOT! Let me know how you find your scores and talk to me for half an hour to balance them up and address some of the burnt-out areas of your life. 

Click here to download your sunflower life audit

I designed it to help your thinking and insights. Take care and good luck with your search for your giving and gaining three percents. Oh… what do you think of Ivy in the centre of the photo with her nursing students in China!

~ Joyous freebies for you ~

 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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