Why late bloomers aren’t late?

Are you punctual? Punctuality has been of paramount importance in my life. How is your relationship with it? Are you fastidious or more laid back?

Have you ever heard the expression: “They would be late for their own funeral”? Well, I was the woman panicking about people being late. For almost a decade I watched my clock with great tenacity. Every possible back-up plan was in place and I was always at least an hour early for every service. During the worst winter weather I was often two hours early just to make sure that all would be as peaceful as possible. Some bright spark commented: “Have you stayed overnight?” That’s why I love North East banter; it gives me LifejoyTM.

As a local self-help writer there are evolving connotations to punctuality. It is just as important because it is an example of my respect for those with whom I interact. Often we hear the phrase: “Time is money” but it is also energy. When energy is limited it becomes even more precious. Therefore, when things run late, energy gets wasted and isn’t easily replenished.

We often talk about developmental stages for our little ones and we also give ourselves them in life. On those stages, I have been very late … but better late than never! ‘A’ levels took longer than anyone else, degrees took an eternity. and I still haven’t had a kebab! (Not that the kebab bothers me much!) Perhaps the best bit of lateness was being well enough to work, but now none of that matters. The image above is from one of my early trips to Newcastle University. Our Lifejoy lecture of the day was designed to inspire and reassure. We had a lot of fun and then I went home to recover!

Perhaps this is about the micro and macro perceptions of time. The small things in life over which we have control and then the big stuff over which we don’t have much influence. Our frustrations arise when we confuse that which we can control with that which we can’t. The ethos of LifejoyTM is to do all that we can, to try to find some balance, and to look to contribute.

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