What do you love?  I love my precious people, strolls, the seaside, parks, hills, rivers, gardens and our bouncing puppy. You might classify them as creations and creatures.

If you were to ask yourself about the things you love which were in the environment but? I would have to say LIGHTHOUSES, CATHEDRALS, BEACH-HUTS and POSTBOXES! There is something magical about their roles: to protect and deliver. Their beauty is often overlooked when their function is taken for granted. Ironically, in a society that rarely overlooks appearance, here are examples that need to be championed.

The postbox is a fundamental part of our lives and connects to the past and present in a profound manner. There are a few of us who are delighted by them ~ its rather nice to be part of something positive that costs nothing and generates joy.

Mr Postbox was the first landmark of walking I managed after two decades of severe illness. I don’t think he had ever had a more jubilant visitor than me! It took almost a year to make the six-minute stroll. The payback from the attempts was brutal. I won’t fuss about it but think about the most ill you’ve ever been and which just doesn’t stop.

With my first and second books, the postboxes were a pleasant thing but with INSPIRING IVY  it has taken on a new lease of joy. I thought about finding the most beautiful backdrops possible. Then something interesting happened ~ the really old ones weren’t big enough for such a chunky book! Ivy was too fat! Oh the irony of that because she spent her whole skinny life worrying about her size! She never saw her own beauty which was such a waste!

I have coaching and counselling clients who have no conception of their own magnificence. It’s my job to help them to see it! They are very capable, too humble and overworked! Its my job to help them build in some balance and let their brilliance be bestowed on our world! Sadly, I am an expert on being burntout ~ not just a bit fed up, worn down or exhausted. I am the expert on being physically ruined for a very long time. It endured for decades. Every choice I have made in the last three decades has been dictated by it. Therefore, the wealth of knowledge I have is immense. I know that masking how you feel is excruciating and trying to fit into a world that doesn’t consider any of your needs or talents, is draining beyond description.

Therefore, every trip to a postbox is precious beyond measure. Every new postbox found and every book sale is battering against that burn-out. It is a fight back that we have something to offer the well world, the neuro-typical and that might just be the light that they need.

There have been many kind people who have taken a photo of me next to a postbox and then enquired about my mission! Last week a beautiful young woman was intrigued and wished me great luck. She was a student and full of grace and manners. May you see your own worth and be surrounded by grace.

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 🌻 I’m ready to take control of my life and find my joy!

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