Why write a reading for every day?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed, frustrated, or restricted? Has lockdown done you in a bit? I understand. This level of restriction has been a huge shock for a lot of people. Sadly it has not been a new experience for me. I was 17 when it hit me first … glandular fever and severe M.E. hit me and ruined my physical health. It wasn’t just a few weeks being bored in the house, it turned into unrelenting discomfort … being bored was an elusive blessing. Even now if I am bored I remember how much I longed for it in the past.

When you’re that unwell it is hard to do anything. Hard to watch the telly, read a book, or even chat for a few minutes. Therefore you have to find tiny things that you can manage and break down tasks into tiny chunks. One of my triumphs in the midst of this overwhelming failure was to read a page a day rather than a whole chapter of a book; things were that tight! This then became a pursuit to find something that would be inspiring and realistic. (This was before the internet so it made things ten times harder!)

My first find was a little bit of a miracle. Being well enough for a trip out took about three years. My pal turned up in a battered Land Rover whose previous passengers had been sheep! She asked me where I wanted to go and the only place I could think of was Durham Cathedral. I needed the peace that place gives and I knew they had a book shop too! It took me ages to walk in and even longer to get to the shop … but when I did, it was worth it. My first and most loved read,  ‘a reading a day’ book, almost jumped from the shelf into my hands. It changed my life. It was entitled, “Just as I Am ~ Personal Prayers for Every Day” by Dr Ruth Etchcells.

When I had finished it I thought … whatever I do in the future I will write books that are easy to read, helpful for just that day, and just full of loving courageous hope. I read it through 100 times, bought dozens of copies for my precious people, and actually met the author in the Cathedral itself. That’s the power of just one little book for a poorly girl. Now in my work, I try to emulate that loving purpose.

If you’re overwhelmed, unwell, or just a bit lost then reading a page a day can help. It can help exponentially. Trust me. It might even make you a little bit more content, more capable, and hopefully more joyous. I hope that helps.

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