Which woman in your life needs to be acknowledged? Acknowledged with grace, gratitude and a bit of glee? Are you blessed to have more than one? Have you a whole tribe of great souls who have loved you well? These are the big questions of life and ones we can all answer, to some degree. These grand maternal ties are both our roots and our wings. Their empowering care sets an example for all the other relationships in our lives.

      Sometimes we are fortunate to have an exceptional mother, exquisite grandmother and exciting aunties. We might even have a glorious godmother or a tremendous teacher but whatever their title, a kind and wise woman is a mighty gift.

      One of the strategies I suggest to my coaching and counselling clients is to list the great souls in their lives. To make a list of the great women in their lives in both formal and informal positions. By doing this simple yet profound exercise, it makes them ask the questions: “Who has brightened my day? Who has enriched my life?” The third question I would ask them would be ~ “To whom, do you offer those blessings?”

      The answers are always helpful. Asking the right questions is always powerful. Therefore, if you were to ask me those questions there would be some joyous answers ~answers that fill my soul and make me smile. That is why my next book was to be the very essence of Lifejoy, the place from which it emanated, the source of the hope, faith and love ~ IVY.

      Ivy Madeline Stokes Williams was my Gran: the grand maternal force for so much goodness that she deserved a book. She deserved an inspirational book that showed life in all its glory, struggle and courage. Because that’s what beautiful books do ~ they are real. They offer a reflection for our souls, a safe haven for our hearts and a springboard for our minds. Ivy in life was all those things to me. She was delightful, dignified and devoted ~ faithful in ways that are so rare in this world ~ faithful to all that is good in humanity, compassionate to the sadder parts of the soul and wise to the power that is within us all. That’s why she deserved a book…because she was small in stature, strong in soul and mighty in mind. She showed us what a woman can be. It wasn’t right that you weren’t allowed to benefit from that gift.

      This book is my most important effort in academic research, social activism and spiritual inspiration. It has taken me decades to work out how to put it together and five years to compile. It was too precious to rush and all-encompassing.  

      Therefore, my friends, I am delighted to share with you…

Inspiring Ivy: Courage and Care in China and Beyond.

It is the best thing I could offer. It is the best thing I could write. It is the best thing I could share with you.

It is the best of Ivy Madeline because she needs to be acknowledged.

🌻 🌻 🌻

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